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Good Night Mr. #756

Good Night Mr. #756

The Giants season has been over for awhile now as they ended up as the bottom feeder in the standings. Barry isn’t coming back next year and his legacy has been tainted. Whatever you want to think of him, he was a force to reckon with and I only hope he gets the elusive ring just to shut the naysayers up already. We managed to catch last Saturday’s game at the most beautiful ballpark in the world (whatever they call it now) thanks to our friend Jackie. It’s rebuilding for the Giants…urgh.

My Canonet QL17 GIII using way way expired Kodak Ektapress PJ800 film.

POTD: scoot scoot from a South Korean photographer Kaye Lam.

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  1. good idea..nice shot

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  2. Thank you and thanks for swinging by!


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