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Dian Fossey Would Be So Proud

Dian Fossey Would Be So Proud

This one was from way back. I was looking for more photographs that I’ve taken in Golden Gate Park and found this. I remember this day specifically as my Leica died on me. Well it wasn’t really the Leica but the film I was using. The spool came out of the film canister and there was no way for me to open it. Of course I didn’t know that and opened up the camera and lost an entire roll. I was pissed and literally had to pry the film out when I got home. Luckily I did have my Canon 20d with me and took a few…this being one of them. Haven’t posted a photo using my 20d in what seems like forever so now is a good time…..

POTD: Postcard #4 over at Riot Sauce from Buffalo.

2 comments to “Dian Fossey Would Be So Proud”

  1. lol…. what were they doing ! funny man…

    kheoh yee wei
  2. Hi Kheoh! They participated in the Great Gorilla Run here in Golden Gate Park. It was fun…would have been better if I didn’t have equipment failure.


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