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I have about 10 rolls of various bw that I need to develop with no time to do it. That’s the problem with developing your own film is that it’s time consuming but at the same time kind of relaxing as it’s very methodical. I’ll get it done, eventually. I went to the Love Parade on Saturday and will hopefully have a few photos from it. This is my beautiful mom (with Pop in the background) photographed with my Leica using Tri-X when I went down to LA a few weeks ago.

POTD: Copenhagen 2007 from Belfast photographer Dylan McBurney who was nice enough to visit my humble photoblog and leave a few comments. I enjoyed his street work using medium format film cameras. Go take a look as it’s bookmarked for me and I’ll be a regular.

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  1. Hey John, about the christmas present…I think that I’d like this photo of Lola and Lolo. Or… I’d realy like the art poster Nighthawks: Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Thanks!! Looking forward to seeing you and Betty for the Holidays! -Booger


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