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The Simple Days of Hot Wheels

The Simple Days of Hot Wheels

First of all happy birthday to my big brother Alex. He’ll forever be a kid at heart and that’s what makes him so wonderful. Happy one bro and have a shot of Jameson for me.

This photograph was from Ft. Bragg. The Skylark pictured here reminded me of our bright yellow 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring that my parents used to drive us around in. That car was a tank, which it had to be to fit a family with 7 kids. The Sebring pretty much stayed in the family when my parents gave it to my uncle who subsequently painted it a boring & dull gray until it’s death sometime in the 90’s.

A side note I spent the day photographing the Pride Parade here in the City and once I get all my film processed I’ll post some. It was interesting seeing a bunch of Leica & film users out there. I sense a resurgence in film with photographers as there were a few young people out there shooting with film.

POTD: Seat 600 from Spanish photographer Jesus Caceres.

4 comments to “The Simple Days of Hot Wheels”

  1. Gorgeous car. The yellow stands out very nice. I love old cars.

  2. (aka. That kid with the beat up M3)
    Glad I could talk to you. I also see you are probably on RFF?
    Well drop me a line on RFF (HSI) or e-mail.

  3. Cool shot! I voted for you at the awards.

    Kris [PiXistenZ]
  4. your photos are just cool. this is no exception. the yellow car standing out over a rather somber environment.


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