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Window Shopping, Ft. Bragg

Window Shopping, Ft. Bragg

Yet another one from our trip up north. The other figure isn’t a real kid as it’s a mannequin. Photographed with my Leica.

I’m just starting to scan some slides from the Pride Parade and man am I loving it right now. The colors are amazing and from various people out there it seems that my color work is stronger than my black & white and with slides the colors just pop. In terms of my black & white photos, I think it could be that I’m converting my film negatives to black & white as I’ve been mainly using color because of my stock of old film in the fridge. Or it could be that I just plain suck at converting them in PS. It would be interesting to see what happens when I shoot primarily black & white.

POTD: Forever 21 by the always inspirational New York street photographer Markus Hartel.

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