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The Other San Francisco Twins

The Other San Francisco Twins

If you’re a San Francisco resident or have visited you may have seen the famous twins, Marian & Vivian Brown. The twins never miss an opportunity to pose in front of a camera so if you’re not familiar with them you may have seen a photograph or two of them.

The twins here are a different story.

I see them on Market Street often, most likely hanging out at a coffee shop or just around. They always try to dress alike just like the Brown twins but they are different, very different. All their possessions may possibly be in the bags they carry. I really have no idea but from the looks of it they seem to be struggling. Looking at their faces, the first thing that I’ve noticed is that you won’t see a sign of a smile. Their faces seem beaten by the elements from being on the streets. They may not be as famous but they are out there.

Olympus XA4 and Arista Premium 400.

7 comments to “The Other San Francisco Twins”

  1. Thank you John. Great commentary.

  2. great stuff John

  3. Nice catch, John. Have never seen them. They look like they’re from another land.

    I’ve seen another set of twins in SF dressed the same (like the Brown sisters). Female, middle-age, and both dressed in blue denim the two times I’ve seen them. Will email you a pic when I find it.

  4. Excellent, John. Great shot.

    John Wall
  5. fantastic capture. I love street photography, and as a mother of identical twin girls (almost 2) I am so curious to see who they will become in the future. I only dress them alike for photos. I used to dress them alike, but as they get older I had to stop as I get confused as to who is who.
    As a photographer, I love the composition of this shot. They do have a sadness. Being from the Bay Area and not living there anymore, so disappointed I’m not able to meet some of these adult twins and get tips and advice for raising twins.

  6. I’ve got a chance to meet them tonight at uncle vito’s place in SF with my husband. They are full life and smiles, great gals!

    Deniz Silver
  7. Deniz what are they like? I’ve tried talking to them a few times but are very guarded and standoff-ish (understandably).


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