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Brides of March

Brides of March

From this year’s Brides of March. Zany and wacky denizens of San Francisco which is why we love them.

Leica M6 with Arista Pro 50 developed in Diafine.

10 comments to “Brides of March”

  1. So, so great.

  2. Love it!

  3. love it!

  4. Very cool. I remember him and got a few snaps. That was a great event. Never would have known about it (or St. Stupid’s Day, or the Sister’s thing this coming Sunday) if not part of the B-U group. Thanks!

  5. What’s the main reason for San Franny’s being zany and ridiculous?

    Is it all that sea air?


  6. Dylan it’s the drugs :). Nah…just people who know how to have fun and make fools of themselves.

    John Agoncillo
  7. Man, that retro spiderweb lace on his dress is TO DIE FOR… Love that.

  8. Haha:-D

  9. Wow…this is gorgeous. I’m surprised it doesn’t seem to be on Flickr. Lovely, lovely catch.

    Nancy Chuang
  10. Nancy I have a tendency to wait to post my images on Flickr…eventually I’ll post it. Well maybe..I’m a moody mofo.


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