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Never Again

Never Again - Alapan San Francisco Street Photography Walk for Life, San Francisco 2008

M6 with Tri-X.

POTD: better hurry! from me*voila.

4 comments to “Never Again”

  1. We enjoyed your blog. Would you consider adding our link to your blog? We think you and your readers may enjoy our website. Please look at our site when you have time: Thank you for considering our request.

    Sandy Ritz
  2. John – it’s been in the back of my head for days now – what’s the significance of the coathanger as a symbol?

  3. Dylan,

    The coat hanger symbolizes the back street abortions that occurred when it was illegal in the US – killing and injuring women. In 1965 all abortions, with some exceptions, were made illegal in all 50 states. But in 1973, the Roe v Wade case reversed it and the law was declared unconstitutional. The respective pro & con groups have been going at it since then.

    John Agoncillo
  4. thanks for the info John

    in northern ireland where i live, abortions are illegal (despite being part of the UK) so many women have to travel to england to have the operation (should they choose to do so)

    in Belfast you occasionally see anti abortionists but there doesn’t seem to be any pro-choice movement – at least on the streets….


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