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Who Would MLK Vote For?

Who Would MLK Vote For?

Now that my candidate for the upcoming California primary has bowed out, I have two choices, Clinton or Obama.

In regards to the title of this photograph, who do you think MLK would vote for if he was alive today? It’s an honest question don’t you think? My thought would be he would choose Obama. I’m not thinking along racial lines but I do believe Obama is more progressive than Clinton and therefore MLK would choose Barack. I also feel that Obama’s stance against the war from the beginning would make the choice easy for MLK. Clinton and even Edwards voted for the war, which in my mind, would be a deal breaker.

Leica M6 at the MLK Day celebration in the Civic Center. Kodak Tri-X shot at 400 developed in D-76 1+1.

POTD: Boardwalk from R Silver.

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