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Attending MacWorld is always a fun experience for me. It’s a convention room full of geeks, gearheads and everything in between oohing and awwing over the latest Mac gear. Steve Jobs is their god and I have a feeling it’s like walking into a Star Trek convention without the costumes (or not). I’m lucky enough to live in San Francisco and always manage to get a free pass for the Exhibit hall. It’s fun and there really are lots of things to play with..which really means I’m one of those geeks. Man I need to get a life.

Leica M6 with Tri-X shot at 1600 and developed in Diafine.

POTD: Untitled from foxbox.

4 comments to “MacHeads”

  1. Ha. I spent half day there too. Speaking of street shot involving Apple. I have one too.

  2. HP5+ > Tri-X

  3. @Jia…nice photoblog. I had no idea you started one so thanks for commenting here.

    @Albert..really? Even in Diafine? What do you shoot it at? I might have some expired HP5 somewhere 🙂

    John Agoncillo
  4. I haven’t used Diafine, but from what I’ve seen, my Tri-X negatives have been too flimsy for my rough handling…


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