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Jessica, Rebeka & Jennifer

Jessica, Rebeka & Jennifer

Three of my nieces in San Luis Obispo using my sister’s Nikon F3.

Happy birthday to my sister Amy today!

6 comments to “Jessica, Rebeka & Jennifer”

  1. Aaaahhh, how cute are they??? teehee…they are never without their phones. how’s the new job going? love ya bro!!!
    winnie =)

    Rowena Tilton
  2. Yeah they were always fooling around with those darn phones :). Job is fine. See you soon!

    John Agoncillo
  3. haha we were pretty chilly in there…ahhhh great times, great times

    Jess Juico
  4. Hey Jess….I’m looking forward to taking more photos of you in Alaska 🙂

    John Agoncillo
  5. The three stooges are at it again. Love this.

  6. Saw your photography and they are pretty good. actually ran across your name surfing the web. I was born in Cavite and YES I am a Filipino by birth.
    Best of luck to you Pare.

    chris agoncillo

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