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My Ever Changing Moods

My Ever Changing Moods

Things have been a bit crazy for me lately. I’m starting a new job tomorrow which I am excited about but also nervous at the same time because it’s well, new. I’m a creature of habit and when life takes a turn, I have a tendency to think too much which causes needless anxiety. Since I was in between jobs for a few days, I jumped on the chance to go to New York City with my friend Jackie. I had a blast as usual and it was very exhausting. I walked so much that my feet are still barking. I managed to see Jeff Mermelstein in action on 42nd & 5th Avenue (more on that later complete with most likely a lousy photo of him working). On a personal note I just got back from LA yesterday and Betty has been down South for a few days due to a family emergency. Oh and it’s my birthday today. Man I’m old but realistically don’t feel it. Whew…

Leica M6 & Arista Pro 50 developed in Diafine from a my recent photo walk with Al.

11 comments to “My Ever Changing Moods”

  1. This is a great image!! It captures that area so well.
    (happy birthday!)

    John Chabalko
  2. Happy Birthday John, good luck with the new job!

    Chris Sindayen
  3. Happy B-day!!!!

  4. A belated one! BTW, great shot!

  5. Cool shot! Happy B-day…

  6. Happy belated birthday John, good luck with the job – don’t think just feel!

  7. Does Mermelstein still have that nasty moustache?

  8. Also, happy birthday!

  9. Cheers mate!

  10. Happy birthday! In my language “VÅ¡e nejlepší!” (“all the best”)

  11. Mermelstein or Mr Winogrand too, that’s a great street shot!!!!!!!


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