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Compostable Living

Compostable Living

Chinatown with the Leica M6.

At the end of the day dump trucks sweep through Stockton Street in Chinatown. All the food vendors, stores and shops along Stockton wait until the end to take out scraps & compostable trash. But before the dump trucks make their rounds a few people get the pick of the lot in the hopes for edible scraps of food to take home.

POTD: At the Rice Mill by San Francisco photographer Alan Dejecacion (link fixed). My god Alan’s work is fantastic. Someone to look up to and admire. When you get a chance please see all of his photos in his flickr stream.

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  1. The other shot is more visceral, with full view of the half-rotten vegetables being collected. But the quality of this one is better. Great catch of the body position, and inclusion of the graffiti’d truck.

    Nancy Chuang

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