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Chinatown Shopkeeper

Chinatown Shopkeeper

Chinatown with my Olympus XA4.

Walking Chinatown you see the poverty that is clearly visible. I often wonder how hard working people survive in this very expensive city. I can’t remember where I read it but Chinatown used to be an area that was isolated in that things that happened in Chinatown stayed in there and things were taken care of internally. The powers that be liked it that way in that it keep things easy and simple in the surrounding areas. Almost like the idea of it’s ok that you shit in your place but don’t shit in ours and all will be status quo. At some point it changed and the influx of Asian Americans increased in San Francisco’s Chinatown/North Beach area and the Italian-Americans and their families moved to more suburban areas. There are still places on Stockton that are still run by Italian Americans but they are becoming fewer.

POTD: I’m Sure She’s Up to No Good by ottok. The photograph taken by ottok is of local Bay Area photographer Valeria Cochran of Your Waitress. Again I’ve been a long time fan of her work and of ottok. I missed the North America Photoblogger’s Meetup in Chicago. I wish I had gone as I feel that I should be more involved with the photography community. I wish I had known earlier as I would have made an effort. It’s rather difficult to connect with other photobloggers as we really don’t link to each other’s site. It’s one of the reasons why I do a POTD (Photo of the Day) so that we develop more of a sense of community that is surely lacking out there.

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