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Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs

I find this photograph quite hilarious and I hope you agree. From the St. Stupid Parade of course.

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5 comments to “Chicken Legs”

  1. Yes, I like it. Cool and funny shot 🙂

    El Jefe
  2. I do 😉
    This is absoloutly great and quite surrealistic too – love it!
  3. great stuff John – I wonder in years to come what will become of CCTV…

  4. Cool shot. However, I would cropped the small black part at the top away. I like it anyway.

  5. Thanks everyone. Tom I was thinking of cropping that top off but decided not to. I think you’re correct in that it does take the focus away. I appreciate the criticism and wish others would chime in on it 🙂

    John Agoncillo

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