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Well when was the last time I posted a photo from my Canon 20D? It’s been awhile I must say.

Here’s our friend and neighbor Steve of Darkwave when they played at the Rockit Room. Darkwave is an excellent tribute band to classic New Wave, alternative and goth songs. It’s funny how I knew pretty much everything in their set. I guess I’m really showing my age as I’m a child of the 80’s. Catch them at their next show and support the local scene.

On a side note I must say that I really suck at concert/band photography. The lighting sucks and it’s constantly changing and worse of all it’s difficult to focus even as I had to resort to manual focus. It’s really just no practice on this genre of photography. Hopefully that will change.

4 comments to “Darkwave”

  1. you are right, concerts photos are about changing lights and focus problems, on the oher hand, sometimes, everything goes well and then you can even hear the music from the shot 😉

  2. Thanks Jiri…I’ll have to be a Darkwave groupie so I can practice practice practice 🙂

    John Agoncillo
  3. I know I’m no pro like you John, but I really like that photo even if you did have to resort to “manual.”

  4. i clicked on your link for the 1st time and have extremely enjoyed looking at your amazing photos. of course the shot of this handsome devil is the one i have to comment on. nice work!
    (now i will prowl around for the feline photo gallery on this website of yours…)


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