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You Ungrateful Bastard

You Ungrateful Bastard

We were in downtown the other day and there was a protest against the war. Betty went shopping and I went shooting – a happy medium. So I got cussed at again and called an ungrateful bastard. Ungrateful for what I’m not sure. The guy basically told me to stick my camera where the sun doesn’t shine. This photo was the result after the tongue lashing I received. Maybe he was a vet and thought we were against them? Not sure nor do I care. I was brave enough to stick myself and my rangefinder camera in close proximity to him to know that he was harmless (having a entourage of SFPD’s finest around also helps). I walked away with a big smile on my face.

4 comments to “You Ungrateful Bastard”

  1. bravo!

  2. ur gettin’ darn brave dere my boy

  3. I like this one a lot

  4. why are you upsetting older citizens and vets, if you pointed acamera at me I’d have your ass in court


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