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Watchful Eyes

Watchful Eyes

Continuing in the Mission District with my Leica using expired slides.

I hope you noticed the banner below to ask my 1 or 2 viewers out there to vote for this photoblog in the upcoming 2007 Photoblog Awards. I know I have virtually no chance to win anything but it’s more of way to advertise this website of mine. I don’t get much traffic which really is cool with me. I do this out of love for my craft and if I get an audience that enjoys my work then so be it. So take a bit of time and do me a favor and vote for me. I also added my photoblog at VFXY Photos to generate more traffic and to get me out there. Visit VFXY because it’s pretty cool and is my main source of finding my POTD’s.

POTD: Rencontre à Time Square by French photographer living in Montreal over at

I’m off for some r&r with Betty.

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