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Veteran’s Day Parade, NYC

Veteran\'s Day Parade, NYC

Second year in a row that I’ve been in NYC during the Veteran’s Day Parade. This time I was using my Leica and was also able to spend a considerable amount of time photographing. It was fun. I have a ton more but I’m lazy nowadays and haven’t had time to process them. Here’s a start…

POTD: New York series by San Francisco photographer Zhou Mi

5 comments to “Veteran’s Day Parade, NYC”

  1. Very nice photograph.
    The ASPH-Summicron surprisingly enough
    gives quite an old fashioned looking image.

  2. Thanks Albert. I love that lens and I’m so happy that I have it.

  3. This is stunning…riveting.

  4. Excellent shot. Everything’s so clean on this photo, it’s kind of strange…

  5. Another great photo john! hey, If you check your stats and notice a hit from Mexico, that’s me! Hope you both enjoyed NYC.


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