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This Moment is All There Is

This Moment is All There Is

I’ve never used slide film on my Olympus XA4 before. Shadowox over at RFF shot some and he inspired me to try it out on my Oly. I know this photo doesn’t have much color in it but I was amazed at how well it came out. Slide film has less latitude when metering so it’s a pleasant surprise when the shot turns out right.

This was in the Ferry Building using expired Kodak Ektachrome E200 film.

POTD: breda, the netherlands 2007 by Belgian photographer Luc Rabaey.

2 comments to “This Moment is All There Is”

  1. Hi John,
    Appreciate the mention. In your hands, the XA4 and slide films are deadly 🙂
    Looking forward for more slide-goodness.

  2. Hey Will thanks for stopping by. I tell you I’m hooked with the Oly XA’s and slides. I’m going to try it on my XA & XA2 now. Thanks for the tip.


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