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Spooky Bench

Spooky Bench

Well my Minolta 7sii still has light leaks. Yakov, a local guy who I paid to CLA the camera, is giving it one more shot. It’s discouraging that he can’t seem to fix the light leaks as he’s had over 20 years working with cameras. I’m confident he will….I think.

I also purchased another Canonet G-III QL with a stuck shutter. I did manage to follow these directions on opening up the front element to lubricate the lens and got it unstuck. I drilled the lens element as directed and actually used two wine openers to screw the lens off. It worked. I then had to lubricate the lens with lighter fluid until the shutter snapped. Next step was to keep adding a little more lighter fluid and gently clean the lens with a q-tip. Now the shutter is snapping with no difficulties although the meter does seem to be off. Not really worried about the meter as I can still use the camera manually which was my intention anyway. I was amazed that I made it work. Now I just have to replace the light seals on it and do a test roll. Jon Goodman who sells camera seals on evilbay (id: interslice) has been a savior.

5 comments to “Spooky Bench”

  1. Great sharpness and colours.
    I was using my Leica M3 and Olympus 35UC today at the Castro street fair – we’ll see if anything comes out…

  2. Thanks Rich. Can’t wait to see your shots. I’m in the hunt for a good user M3 or M4 with a 35mm lens. Thinking of selling some of my Canon lenses that I hardly use to pay for it. Wish me luck.

  3. Good luck. I love my M3.
    I got the first roll developed and – eh – there was nothing post-worthy. Got some more on a roll that I only got half-way through that may have something on it. We’ll see. You win some and lose some 🙂

  4. Too bad you’re still having light leaks. If you need help with it, let me know.

  5. Thanks Abe,

    Hopefully I won’t need your help as Mark Hama has my cameras right now for CLA & seal changing.


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