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Shopping on Clement

Shopping on Clement

The Richmond district doesn’t get much respect or love in San Francisco as it’s not a “hip” part of town. It’s where we’ve lived ever since we moved to SF and we have a love & hate relationship with the area. I can’t complain having Golden Gate Park as my back yard. I also can’t complain about having a smaller version of Chinatown a few blocks away where we can get shopping done. Some of the best Asian food stores are in this area along with a number of other stores that cater to the community. Nothing beats Green Apple Books as one can spend hours browsing their excellent collection of used and new books. The area also has it’s share of excellent restaurants. The bad part is that it’s colder than other parts of town and when that fog rolls in….brrrrr.. I also wish it was cleaner (who wouldn’t) and had a better sense of community with our neighbors.

Here’s my Minolta Hi Matic 7sii on Clement with Kodak TMAX 400 film developed in D-76.

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  1. Superb street shot. I really like it.


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