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My Mom & Pops

Mom & Pop

Didn’t get to really sit down with them and take the portraits that I wanted because we went to go see my nephew Ethan’s baseball game (he’s an awesome shortstop btw) but I did manage to shoot some of my parents.

6 comments to “My Mom & Pops”

  1. You look like your parents, especially your dad!

  2. That’s where I get my good looks! Thanks Pinky.

  3. Nice shot! Your dad is handsome…now I dunno about you.. haha.Just kidding! You are good looking!

  4. Such a nice photo!

  5. John,

    Nice shot of Tito Boy and Tita Cely. They are still sweet.

    Kuya Jojo

    Jojo Agoncillo
  6. This is a great portrait image… My thoughts are “Through The Years!!!” Beautiful..

    Bryan Agoncillo

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