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Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt

Hasselblad 500 c/m with Kodak TMAX 100 developed in HC-110.

7 comments to “Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt”

  1. Ha. They’re lucky to have escaped unscaythed. 😉

    John Wall
  2. Teddy Roosevelt was more noble, brave and righteous than you will ever be.

  3. I just saw this and had to comment. The war in Iraq resembles the Phil-Amer war in absolutely no way at all. Your attempt to associate the 2 only indicates your love for photography out weighs your understanding of the 2 conflicts. I would ask you to explain how you support the Saddam regime when it murders and tortures women and children. Didn’t the history of Hitler teach you anything. Now 2 years later you have been shown to be speaking from a condition of ignorance.

  4. Hahah ok “Mike” you win, you’re so smart. We went into the War in Iraq so we can get a murderer of women & children as the sole reason. Funny how when I’m against the war I’m immediately labeled that I’m for Saddam. Go away you idiot.

  5. i think that theodore roosevelt is my favorite president and he is one of the best ones we have ever had and i agree with justin!!

  6. I have to agree with a couple of the other comments. You are obviously a product of the left biased school system and know little about the man. He was Undersectetary of the Navy during the Spanish American war, inherited the Phillipine Inssurection from his predesessor, McKinley. The Insurection officially ended abotu the time Roosevelt entered office and one of his first acts was to pardon all insurrectos. Some chose to fight on for another 10 years. If that is basis for you comparison with Bush, it is pretty thin and only shows you ignorance. BTW Bush was not a bad President and was a great two term Govenor of Texas. His track record is far better than the one page resume Obama can produce. Bush’s legacy in Texas is a strong state economy which has produced more jobs over the last decade than the rest of the US combined. Recession? What recession? We are doing just fine down here than you.

    Theodore was one of the most progressive presidents up to that time. He was NYC police commissioner, cleaning out the Tammany Hall corruption and was so effective the political bosses got him a job in Washington as Undersecretary of the Navy. He founded the NYC Museum of Natural Science, which began with his personal collection.
    As President he was the most popular President since George Washington, which explains why he is on Mt. Rushmore with Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson. He oversaw the founding of the first National Parks and got the first clean food laws past leading to the founding of the FDA. He also got legislation past outlawing child labor. He was the driving force behind social reform and its proponents called the Muckrakers. He also led the way in breaking up the large trusts such as Standard oil. It is trully a pity that you know so little about the man you seem to dislike so much. Oh, did I mention he won the Noble Peace prize? He negotiated a treaty ending the war between Russia and Japan. Unlike Obama, he actually did something to earn his prize besides being half white. Your comments and bias only go to demonstrate who pitiful our schools have gotten, and how educators would rather push their own agenda than teach history. In actuality, the Phillipine Insurrection is more like Afghanistan which is Obama’s war. The Dems always thought the emphasis should have been there and now they have it and screwing it up big time. Maybe if we put the Taliban on entitlements, they would see it our way.

    Keith Patton
  7. lol it’s so funny to read your guys comments! dont get me wrong they are really informational and strongly opinion, but i dont see the point in getting so……mad(not the word i was looking for but it will do). i mean MAT didn’t have insult the guy.


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