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Memorial Day, Chicago

Members of the United States Navy

Members of the United States Navy

Members of the United States Navy

Members of the Naval Station Great Lakes line up in anticipation of the 2011 Memorial Day Parade in Chicago, Illinios.

Memorial Day parades have become a quest of mine for some time now. The one in Chicago has the biggest one I’ve been to so far and it was a wonderful experience. I hope to visit and document more cities as the years go by.

Hasselblad 500 c/m with Kodak Tri-X 320.

5 comments to “Memorial Day, Chicago”

  1. There’s something about your black and white photos that makes the contrast and tones seem subtle. It’s very soft and easy on the eyes.

    The bottom one is my favorite of the 3.

    troy holden
  2. yeah it’s a very soft contrast sort of feel. When and where did you get the Hassie?

  3. Thanks guys. It was a very cloudy day so that probably has something to do with it. Armand I’ve had the Hassie for a few years now.

    John Agoncillo
  4. Beautiful series – the soft tones & the white uniforms – perfect fit

    Can’t decide which I like best (and don’t want to 😉

  5. wonderful! looks like they where taken 60 years ago or so. good work.


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