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Well I’m coming upon the 2-year “anniversary” of this endeavor and I’m thinking of taking an extended break. I’ll continue to photograph but may stop posting them online. I just need to replenish my creative process and think about the direction of this entire thing. My style has changed since I started and hopefully I’m evolving for the better. It’s just well….exhausting.

5 comments to “Exhausted”

  1. An extended break? I need my daily fix of your superb photos john. 🙂 btw, I think your work has gotten better. I can’t pin point the details, but your photos have developed their own character that makes them yours.

  2. No more daily-Alapan? Say it’s not so.

  3. if you stop,I’ll be bummed.

  4. And I very much agree that your photos has become ‘better’ whatever that means – I guess to me it means that they tell more of a story. Great work anyway.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Pinky mentioned to me offline that this entire post was just a cry for compliments and validation. Maybe she’s right but sometimes I just don’t see the point. Then again the point is that I love photographing and that should be what this is all about and the hell with everything else.


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