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Damn Noise

Damn Noise

I’ve been using a ton of color film lately. It’s because I probably bought about 150 rolls of film for dirt cheap from local photographers switching to digital. Kodak, Agfa, Fuji, E6, Kodachrome, you name it I probably have it. I still have the bottom portion of our refrigerator full of film, much to Betty’s disdain. I do miss Tri-x and will shoot a few rolls soon. It’s also because the local lab I go to sends out their black & white film for development. Their color takes 20 minutes to develop. I also haven’t had a chance to buy all the things I need to develop film at home. Part of it is that Betty doesn’t want those nasty chemicals in our place.

Shot in Chinatown with my Leica M6.

3 comments to “Damn Noise”

  1. developing BW film at home isn’t that bad. It is not dirty or poisonous and mostly doesn’t smell bad(choose your fixer wisely). It is also fast and cheap.

  2. Thanks Michael…I\’ve tried to explain that over and over again to the Mrs. and she just basically ignores me :).

  3. sounds familiar 🙂


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