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Don Toño Toño, Copandaro

Don Tono Tono

Don Toño Toño in 2008 sitting at his usual spot, watching the world go by and wearing his fabulous boots and hat. I really need to learn to speak Spanish more fluently so I can talk to the wonderful people of Copandaro. I suspect he’s a farmer like most in this community or at one point worked in the States under the Bracero program back in the day. Betty’s dad took part in it which is how they ended up in the States. There really aren’t that many young men of working age in Copandaro so most of them probably head somewhere else to find employment. I’m just rambling….

Don Tono Tono

Don Toño Toño last December 2011 holding the print I gave him. Too bad I wasn’t able to capture the huge smile on his face when he saw the print. But remembering it is good enough for me.

March 13th, 2012