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A Warning Sign

A Warning Sign

7 comments to “A Warning Sign”

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  2. I’ve always wondered, when one takes a picture or someone interesting on the street, do you just run up to them and snap the picture, or do you ask politely first? The former is pretty rude, but the latter will most likely ruin a candid moment.

  3. Nice one John! Love he eye contact and engagement.

  4. Andy…thanks for visiting.

    I assure you that no one was harmed in the making of this photograph. Ha! I did not run up to him or ask for permission nor did I slap a big huge camera in his face. As a matter of fact he probably didn’t even know I was taking a photograph as I use a small point & shoot camera. As I walk along Market and see something interesting I casually walk towards the person and take a quick photograph. No harm no foul.

    Brad thank you!

    John Agoncillo
  5. photographers are the eyes of the future and of the past! happy holidays john from a freezing northern ireland!

  6. Dylan how are you??? Happy holidays to you too.

    John Agoncillo
  7. hmm, even if he didn’t know you took his picture he sure spotted the camera 🙂 …really good snap!


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