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X-Ray Vision

X-Ray Vision

Olympus Epic with Arista Premium 400 developed in Diafine on Montgomery Street in Fidi.

6 comments to “X-Ray Vision”

  1. Nice one! Heh, he looks like he might have caught you; but was not sure enough to say something…

  2. Man, I love the Epic. I’ve strayed from it this year with buying the Trip and the Fujica half-frame, but I’ve got a 3-month-old roll just slowly clicking away in it right now…hopefully something interesting like this shot will come out.

    Nancy Chuang
  3. this is sweeeet

  4. nice shot ;D

  5. Jeez, what have I been missing?! It’s been a while since I could check up on blogs, and here’s all this great photography waiting for me. Thanks!

    John Wall
  6. Oh. He knew for sure.

    Christopher Layne

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