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We’re All Kids When It Comes to Ice Cream

We\'re All Kids When It Comes to Ice Cream

Chinatown with the Leica M6 and Fuji Neopan Acros 100 film souped up in D-76.

POTD: light bulbs

4 comments to “We’re All Kids When It Comes to Ice Cream”

  1. hi John
    I’ve seen in your photos that you shoot a lot around China Town. I also go there very often but my photos of the neighborhood are not as remarkable as yours.
    I hope to see you around there soon.

    Guillermo Duran
  2. Hey Guillermo,

    Yeah I used to frequent Chinatown when I worked nearby. I don’t know about my photos being remarkable but thanks for the compliments. Let me know when you want to go out shooting and I’ll join you.

    John Agoncillo
  3. Hey John…

    It’s been awhile. Would be fun to hook up and shoot some time.

    I started a blog last week and have been posting a pic or two a day. Ha, will see how long that lasts…

  4. Love the title 🙂


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