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We Love You Fresca

We Love You Fresca

May you rest in peace in kitty heaven.

Fresca: June 13, 1994 – July 21, 2006

3 comments to “We Love You Fresca”

  1. Hey J&B, sorry to hear about Fresca! I’m sure she is happy in kitty heaven! Fresca, we will miss you! -Jora and Ivan

    Jora P.
  2. Little Fresca,
    We know you had a great life with your parents but trust you are happy and content in kitty heaven. We will miss you dearly Fressssssssssss!
    Your Auntie Kris

  3. what a gorgeous feline! so good know that nietzsche has such a nice friend up there in kitty heaven. thank you for your thoughts on his post. greatly appreciated.


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