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Waiting for the Powell & Mason Line

Waiting for the Powell & Mason Line - Alapan San Francisco Street Photography MUNI Cable Car

My Olympus XA4 while we were waiting for the Powell & Mason line to pass us by….it’s a familiar sight for SF drivers as traffic is stopped for the cable car to pass. Kodak Tri-X at 1600 developed in Diafine.

POTD: Chasing from excellent Hong Kong street photographer Johnny Chiu.

6 comments to “Waiting for the Powell & Mason Line”

  1. … next stop is Union Square 😉

  2. Ha! So that was you causing traffic 🙂

    John Agoncillo
  3. perhaps 😉

  4. I love this (and not just because I’m a drive-by junkie)!

    Mike Calanan
  5. great image, John.

    Alan Dejecacion
  6. its the mix of modern and old that works here i think – always been fascinated by how parts of america just look – know what i mean?


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