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Vesuvio Crossed

Vesuvio Crossed

Meet my newest camera, the Olympus XA2 that I picked up for a measly $3. I now have the XA, XA2 and the XA4. I have to change the seals on this XA2 as it seems a bit gummy but I didn’t see visible light leaks on the negative for this test roll. I used expired Agfa slide film and cross processed it which gave me the weird color cast.

POTD: We Don’t Deliver by Jonathan Greenwald over at Shrued whom I’m pretty sure I have chosen before as a POTD.

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  1. the olympus xa2 is a cracking little camera. i love the cross processed look i get from it and it never fails to amaze me with the quality of images it produces!

    XA2 Lover

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