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Two Smokes

Two Smokes

Olympux XA4 with Neopan 1600 developed in D-76 on Market Street, San Francisco.

12 comments to “Two Smokes”

  1. great shot

  2. Yes! How you got away with it? 🙂

    Rolling Red
  3. Thanks!

    RR – that’s the beauty of the XA4 in that it’s so small you don’t even know I’m taking a photo. 🙂

    John Agoncillo
  4. I love the dark values john.

  5. *_*

  6. His expression (that brow!) and the dual cigarettes are priceless! XA4 has to be the ultimate stealth-cam 😉

  7. Great shot. perfect camera for the job too.

  8. great picture John

  9. Great street portrait !

  10. Were u just trying to take a picture of the apple store? Ahhh no, you were trying to take candid shots and blame it on the apple store. Gotchya…. 😉


  11. Wow, very impressive portrait !

    Kevin P.
  12. excellent. I was trying to do this kind of thing yesterday and couldn’t get away with it with my SLR. Thanks for convincing me I need to save up for an XA4 🙂


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