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Transbay Terminal: Displaced


I started photographing the construction at the Transbay Terminal in early 2011 with the demolition of the old terminal.  Given that the old terminal was a place where homeless people congregated and slept I wonder now where they all went.  To this day there are still some homeless people around the construction site, particularly on Mission but this woman I haven’t seen in awhile now so I often wonder where she went.  I do see the city “cleaning” up the area more often now so the remaining homeless will probably be displaced further.

I came across this women in the alley behind Mission Street.  Unfortunately I didn’t get her name but she was kind enough to let me take her photograph.  I remember asking her how long she’s been around the area and she mentioned “for awhile now”.  After I took her photo I gave her a few dollars (which I normally don’t do) and told her to get some food.  Her reply back to me was “I may be homeless but I’m not a drug addict”.  I left it at that and walked away.


The next day I go back to see if she’s still there and this is all that was left behind……look for more Transbay Terminal photos in the future.

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  1. A fascinating “before and after” sequence. It is deplorable to see such spacious and affordable housing get flattened.


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