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Too Close, Even for Chuck

Too Close, Even for Chuck

Leica at the Met in front of a Chuck Close painting. The three I posted today had a touch of humor in it. Hope you enjoyed it.

The painting above is incredible when you see it at the museum. I’ve been a fan of Chuck Close and saw his show here at SFMOMA where he had a handful of very large self portraits that were absolutely stunning. The size, texture and technique were out of this world. Once you see a Chuck Close painting up close, you won’t forget his work.

POTD: Large Mark Pastel. 1978 by Chuck Close of course!

Bonus POTD: Video of Chuck Close interview with Charlie Rose.

9 comments to “Too Close, Even for Chuck”

  1. I love it!

  2. Great!

    alex agoncillo
  3. ha! just fell from my chair laughing!

  4. […] the recently scanned pile, a Chuck Close stencil. A painter and printmaker of tonality, detail, and patience. Good […]

    Close Enough « Bold Lentil
  5. Cooooooooooooooool!!

    El Jefe
  6. Wow great, i can also make that in future..

  7. i just love the work.. it inspires
    me so much and helps me keep faith
    as an artist myself……

  8. hi f the beest painting

    aligholi mardani
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