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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Market Street, San Francisco. Olympus XA4, Tri-X at 1600 developed in Diafine.

The beauty of film is that it’s a mystery as to what comes out when you develop your negatives. Instantaneous it isn’t unlike other forms of photography nowadays. You wait anticipating if you captured what you intended. Most times you don’t and there are times when you get something completely different and unexpected. Somewhat like life it’s a crap shoot and you roll the dice. Title taken from the Smiths song.

5 comments to “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”

  1. love this because it looks like from the face of the person walking towards you that their light has gone out a little…

  2. Wow…another beauty!

  3. Thanks guys…….

    Stan how’s your XA4?

    John Agoncillo
  4. knockin’ on heaven’s door!!!

  5. stunning! beautiful light and flare

    and you’re exactly right about the mystery of film — the delay, for me, between pressing the shutter and seeing the results is essential. with digital i know what i intended, so when i check the shot (either in camera or later that day) if it’s not what i wanted I delete … with film, that delay between exposure/intention and processing/result lets me let go of my intention and i can appreciate the actual outcome for what it is, unexpected surprises (and total flops too).


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