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The Poet

The Poet

“Hillary, are you fucking kidding me? There’s something I don’t like about him”.

Bridget Murnaghan’s words in reference to my question about who she voted for in the recent primary. An ardent Clinton fan and Democrat, she wasn’t into and didn’t understand the Obama craze.

A regular at the Back Fence, I had the pleasure of talking to her for awhile. A tough as nails Irish lady with a mouth you wouldn’t want your mother to hear, our topics were varied and always seemed to border and come back to politics. I’m a political junkie so I was game. The discussion that really got her going was how difficult life was now and how much she hated her landlord. I agreed as it’s the same in SF (well not the landlord part). Living on a fixed income and in Manhattan can’t be easy. Her rent being only “a few hundred dollars”, she’s been at the same apartment just down the street from the bar for awhile now. For some reason I imagine myself in her shoes one day. Being a poet must be difficult when the necessities of life get in the way.

Leica M6, Tri-X at 1600 developed in Diafine.

More about Bridget here and here.

2 comments to “The Poet”

  1. Hey John…

    Just wanted to say that what I really like about your blog (besides the great pix), is the narrative that compliments many of your photos. It brings it all home. You’ve got a great talent for that!

    That’s something I’ve been wanting to do, with some blogging ideas – from liking to bs with people on the street. But damn, you make it look so easy with your fluid and personal writing style – and I know it isn’t!

  2. Wow Brad that’s quite a compliment that I don’t think I deserve. Thank you!

    John Agoncillo

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