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The Next Stop on the N Train

The Next Stop on the N Train

Can you tell I took way way too many photos while I was in New York? The subways are awesome in New York. Olympus XA4 again.

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  1. Fuji 800?
    I’m going to be taking a PJ class pretty soon and was wondering
    how the Fuji 800 / 1600 C-41’s are, since you have some experience.

  2. Hey Albert!

    I’m very pleased with Fujicolor Press 800. The last three I posted were all using this film including this one. It’s a bit grainy but what do you expect from 800 C-41 film but it could be because all the film I’ve been using was expired. Can’t really tell with this photograph though. The colors are great but I did adjust it using a little with PS. It’s very versatile as I’ve primarily been using it on my XA4 which only has 3.5 lens. I’m just sad that I’m now out of the stuff. Never tried the 1600 yet. I’ve been really cutting back on my color as I’ve been developing bw at home and I’m also running out of film.


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