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The Middle East Conflict: It’s All A Blur

The Middle East Conflict: It\'s All A Blur

What is going on over there? I just simply don’t understand why there’s so much hatred on both sides. Got out of work and this protest about the current flare up in the Middle East was starting on Montgomery Street. I first went to the “Israeli” side and took photos with my rangefinder (which I haven’t developed yet). While I was there, a woman comes up to me and tells me I should go to the “other” side and see how they treat me. I told her, “yes of course I will”. So I did. The “Palestinian” side also treated me with respect and I had no problems at all hanging out and taking photographs. It seems to me that the two sides don’t really know nor care for what the other thinks or feels. They continue fighting and I don’t know if they know what they are fighting about anymore. They are just so used to it and it’s ingrained in their psyche that they go on and on. I’m no expert, nor do I claim to be, but it’s just my observation. I hope it’s resolved in a peaceful manner as I don’t think our world needs more conflict.

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