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The Lonely Road of Life

The Lonely Road of Life

This lady is always in Chinatown. She probably lives there and gets lost in the shadows. Whenever I see her it just makes me sad as she looks unhappy. Always alone, either sitting or standing somewhere on the streets with her head down, waiting for another minute, hour & day to pass. I tried talking to her once but I don’t think she understood me. She probably thought I was a tourist but she has seen me numerous times now. I often wonder about people and how they live their lives. We tend to ignore them but I like to observe the little & big things of the city, especially in Chinatown. I see the same people and they see me with my camera. I wonder what they think of me – what I’m always doing there and why I’m taking photographs of them. It’s for scenes like this where I want to point out that we simply can’t ignore people.

Leica M6 with expired Fuji Neopan Acros SS.

POTD: Balloon Man, Seattle over at H-Town.

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  1. this is a sad picture but it is very beautiful. we can’t just ignore people. somewhere, somehow there is a connection…

  2. Thanks for visiting Narissa.

  3. This is a wonderful blog John, i really like it.

    Tony Remington

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