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The Lonely Road of Life II

The Lonely Road of Life II - Alapan San Francisco Street Photography Chinatown Leica M6

Yes it’s the same lady that I photographed before. Leica M6 with Fuji Neopan 100SS.

POTD: oldcar_1 from my buddy Revy who has the eye but doesn’t use his camera as much as I think he should.

3 comments to “The Lonely Road of Life II”

  1. Although this shot is excellent, it feels depressing to me.

  2. I agree Tom. As I mentioned in the previous post, she’s usually by herself, just standing/sitting around. This is from a different day but she’s wearing the same clothing. Just yesterday I saw her standing in the exact same spot as this photo.

    John Agoncillo
  3. yeah, sometimes you feel depressed when shooting homeless people, maybe because you feel like you shouldn’t or it’s somehow making fun of them, but your job as a photographer is to record. it’s a very nice image.

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