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The Juggler

The Juggler

Well I voted today for Barack Obama. Betty voted for Hillary Clinton so we offset each other. I’ll take either one and know they will both be 1000% better than what we have now. That I know for sure.

I was also able to update my blog using the WordPress automatic upgrade plugin. It was a breeze and a blessing to have. With WordPress having what seems to be monthly upgrades now, this will make my life much much easier.

Leica M6 with Tri-X at 400 iso developed in D-76.

POTD: Japanese-American camp, war emergency evacuation,[Tule Lake Relocation Center, Newell, Calif.] (LOC) from the Library of Congress.

3 comments to “The Juggler”

  1. barack gets my (illusory) vote too – is it a photographer thing?

  2. Nah it’s a I’m so sick of the current Administration thing 🙂

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