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The Chef, Waiter, Busboy and Dishwasher

The Chef, Waiter, Busboy and Dishwasher

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Well here’s my first “street” photo with my freshly CLA’d Leica M3 with collapsible 50mm Summicron. The viewfinder is amazing. Simply nothing like it when you’re out in the streets. I can see clearer and focus faster. In addition I’m not fiddling with the camera trying to find the right exposure like my M6 which enables you to shoot even faster. Just shoot using the Sunny 16 rule and not think. No clutter in the viewfinder just the framelines. Another thing is that people just don’t notice you as much with a silver body. I don’t know what it is yet that sets it apart from my M6. Could a silver body make that much of a difference? It really does make you stealth and quick. I’m just loving it but I do have to work on my metering skills because a few of my photos came out thin.

Tri-X developed with D76. If you ever need work done on your Leica M3, send it over to Youxin Ye and you’ll be happy. Nothing but praise for him after he made my M3 functional and pretty.

POTD: Medicine Man from Paris based (oh jealousy) photographer, JC. Lebreton.

5 comments to “The Chef, Waiter, Busboy and Dishwasher”

  1. cool photo.. are they all Filipinos?

  2. welcome to the darkside…leica m3 kicks serius fundament.

  3. @Narissa, I’m pretty sure they are Chinese as this was in SF’s Chinatown 🙂

    @Mike, for the first time I used it on the streets I’m hooked to the M3 darkside. What I failed to mention is that I’m loving the slight additional reach of the 50mm compared to the 35mm on my M6.

  4. Yeah, nothing like the Sunny 16 rule 😉
    I’m so happy to see that i’m not alone (yet?) in the analog world, that’s always a pleasure to come and look at your pictures.

  5. @Jice, there’s a ton of film users and I doubt we’ll go away anytime soon. Thanks for the kind word.


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