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The Blues Is My Business

The Blues Is My Business

Shooting into the sun with my Olympus XA4 and Arista Premium 400 on Market Street.

Title taken from an Etta James song.

6 comments to “The Blues Is My Business”

  1. Just remembered one of the rules of photography that I was told was not to shoot into the sun. Guess that’s reserved for amateurs 🙂 Great shadows.

  2. These shadows are sublime.

  3. You should check out Trent Parke’s stuff if you haven’t already.

    Christopher Layne
  4. Oh man Chris…that’s so my style. I’ve never heard of him :(. Thanks!

  5. Yeah he’s an awesome photographer. I also find his underwater black and white work to be quite moving and cutting edge in ways (I’m sure others have done it as well). I have a video on him that I could put up for you. I had put it up a while ago for BU, but took it down due to space. Transfering back would only take a few minutes.

    Christopher Layne
  6. super B&W shadow shot. The two accompanying figures add to it.


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