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The Bell A-Jar

The Bell A-Jar

One of the difficulties of using Kodachrome is that you have to be spot on in your exposure. There is very little latitude when it comes to this film’s exposure. This scene was very difficult to expose correctly without losing detail in those shadows. I decided to meter the highlights which makes black…well black.

If anyone knows the name of the art pieces here please chime in as I can’t recall it.

SFMOMA with the Leica M6 and expired Kodachrome 64.

2 comments to “The Bell A-Jar”

  1. Another very nice picture, I really like your color work, especially composition and use of the color (sorry for repeating almost the same comment as last time;)

  2. Sculpture on the right is by Anish Kapoor, called “Hole.” Don’t recall the blue chalk painting in the background, but I could find out..


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