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The Band Plays On

The Band Plays On

I’m burnt out and need a break. It could be a long one or it could be short lived but I’ve been doing this photoblogging bit since March of 2005. I did it for myself, to get motivated to go out and take photographs. It worked. I’ve taken the journey from digital back to analogue film but in the end it’s all about photography, whatever tool you use. If you’re passion is photography, just keep taking those photographs. For myself, I will keep going out in the streets of SF and beyond. See ya and the band will play on.

Leica M6 with a member of the Mucca Pazza band at the Renegade Craft Fair in Ft. Mason.

11 comments to “The Band Plays On”

  1. have a good break John, cheers


    your work is dope..keep it up!

  3. nice

    alex agoncillo
  4. Enjoy your break John. Looking forward to your return. Your pix rock!

  5. i will not remove your site from rss reader 😉 enjoy your time

  6. Damn, well I totally understand. Breaks are very good. Your going to be itching to post though after a couple of weeks off. I love your work and love the blog.


    John-Paul Jespersen
  7. Thanks everyone! Hoping to get my photo legs back soon.

    John Agoncillo
  8. great picture John.

    tony remington
  9. You deserve one John. Looking forward to seeing new photos when you get back!

  10. Hey baby brother! It was great to spend a week with you & Rocio & the rest of the clan, hope we could do it again the next couple of years (hehe). Can’t wait to see you back with some more great photos (got the picture of Erik, by the way)! Bye for now.

  11. Love looking at photography blogs. Love black and white. Hello from Pittsburgh, PA. Was in San Francisco — my first visit to CA last year around this time. Keep up the good work!

    mary anne

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