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The Annoying Thing, Oktoberfest Big Bear

The Annoying Thing

I should have wrote this in yesterday photograph but I was pressed for time last night so here it is…..

Small towns are fascinating. Our friend Kym lives in Big Bear and we visited her over the weekend. Pop is the main reason she’s in Big Bear. You see Kym is a saint and an angel as she’s the primary caretaker for Pop. She uprooted her life in Los Angeles so that Pop had someone to look after him. I don’t know if I would have had the strength & determination to do what Kym did. It’s probably been been difficult for Kym and anyone who has this responsibility but she does it without hesitation day in and day out. A saint she is that Kym.

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  1. This looks like she should be a rock star. This photo could be her album cover


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