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The Actor

The Actor

Ok so it’s not the best portrait in the world but it will do for me.

Jerry’s his name. I didn’t get his last name as I usually write it down on my moleskin but it does start with a “C”. Maybe it’s Conlin but I’m not sure and Google was no help. Anyway Jerry is an actor. He mentioned he was all over Europe at one point doing theatrical work and some shows/movies. He comes into the Back Fence and writes down the band’s name on the chalk board outside. For that he gets a drink from Charlie….Jack D on the rocks if I recall. Such a nice guy and willing to talk to tourists like me. A ladies man I suspect as he gave my friend Jackie a big kiss as we left. I like Jerry. I wish I knew his last name so I can watch a show/movie he’s been in.

Leica M6, Tri-X at 1600 developed in Diafine.

2 comments to “The Actor”

  1. It is the great narration and photo!!!

  2. You understate your ability – it is in my view a classic visual – caught in the moment and shows this interesting character with clarity and kindness too often lacking in todays idea’s of what a portrait should be.


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